The great thing about keeping a diary is that all your secrets are there. On the one hand, someone might find it and get shocked. On the other hand, you can find it yourself and get the thrill once again. This is what Dad&DaughterDiaries is all about. It's a brand new 3D dad-daughter incest site which documents the most shocking adventures of dads and daughters, coming from most perverted masterminds of the niche. The site's fancy, totally catchy design employs plenty of samples, slogans and preview stories. These totally float your boat, because the style and the technical excellence of these filthy drawings is something to be admired, not scorned. The design concept is based around the idea of an actual diary, with pages and shit. All together, these lovely preview items kinda set you into the right mood. It's a good thing that the design, however fancy, is based around content samples in the first place. These are huge, with dialog captions, color, and all the rest. The site's style really stands out, manifested in its peculiar drawing and rendering manner. So, the mood is set, and you sort of feel it's the right time to begin these dad and daughter adventures. Nothing should prevent you by now, the gates are open!

Welcome inside, and the dad and daughter diaries have never been closer to full disclosure. The site's member area follows the design guidelines from the free tour pages which preserves the visual consistency and maintains that the site is a well-planned, complete product. Apart from the list of episodes, what you see are the laconic yet appealing links to bonus stuff. The site is not alone in the stormy world of incest porn and 3d erotica, so to say. It's part of a massive network of incest, 3D and comics sites, and you are free to harvest their fruits for no extra money. The fruits are those of sin obviously, and very tempting, so you may be sure you will end up browsing this huge and growing catalog at some point in time anyway. For now, let's concentrace on what Dad&DaughterDiaries has to offer, because there's a lot. The list of episodes goes on an on with a title and a short story to accompany each of them. The titles are catchy and very revealing, and the short stories explain the story in even a better way. You are destined to become horny in anticipation, having a basic idea of what will happen, but eager to see the actual juicy details. And dude, nobody is going to say you can't enjoy these details and they are truly juicy!

By now, you should be checking the pages of one of the episodes, willing to pull out your raging meat and start to beat it, furiously. Those 3D images do inspire the imagination, don't they? The site does a marvelous job of getting you interested and excited, and keeping you hooked from then on. On the one hand, the artists and storyboard writers behind each episodes are sex fiends who should be kept away from public places. The plots cover most shocking examples of daughters' sinful affairs with male family members, mostly dads, but sometimes also granddads. This is great, and yet another great thing is the form in which this storyboard greatness comes into life. The images look so better-than-real, so beyond actual reality around you, based on it, different, and yet sort of reminding, that you are doomed to shoot a near-instant load. Every set opens as a page filled with preview thumbnails which basically represent each piece of the story. These, when you click them, open into a full size picture which is full-sized, full quality, and fully detailed. Every set is a celebration of color, perverted imagination, and wild, no-holds-barred incest sex. The form, the meaning, and the feel of it all together make it a new yet very promising site which you should check out right now before all the others do so.

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